St Jude's Catholic Primary School
St. Jude's Catholic Primary School

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

Why is RSE important?

RSE is part of the mission of Catholic schools to educate the whole person. It should be carried out as part of the holistic education which seeks to form, as well as inform, young people in preparation for adult life.’ (Catholic Education Service).

From September 2020, the Government has made Relationship and Health Education statutory for all primary schools. To fulfil this statutory requirement, we have launched a programme by Ten:Ten, called Life to the Full.

Ten:Ten Resources are widely used across many Catholic schools in England, and The Catholic Education Service have approved the Ten:Ten curriculum content and standard of resources to ensure schools undertake their statutory duty. Ten:Ten have based the structure of Life to the Full on ‘A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum’ by the Catholic Education Service, which was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education. It has also been recommended by the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and ensures that RHE is taught within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church.

Life to the Full is intended to be partnership between home, school and church. We hope that our programme, Life to the Full, will further develop, support and enrich the partnerships so that your child is fully supported in their journey.

When and how is RSE taught?

The programme adopts a spiral curriculum approach, so that as your child goes through the programme year-after-year, the learning will develop and grow, with each stage building on the last. It follows the basic structure outlined in the modules detailed on this page.

Life to the Full