St Jude's Catholic Primary School
St. Jude's Catholic Primary School

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I’m pleased you have found your way to St. Jude’s school website – whether you are thinking about sending your child to St. Jude’s, or are already part of the school and parish community.

St. Jude’s is one of the three primary schools that are very much at the heart of the work and mission of the Catholic Parish of St. Dunstan and St. Jude’s in Kings Heath and the Maypole.

St. Jude’s has both children who are Catholics, as well as children who are not Catholics – but whose parents value the special nature and ethos of a Catholic school. Both are most welcome, and play a full part in all the aspects of school life.

For those parents who are Catholics, you may remember from your child’s baptism that parents are called to be the first and best of teachers in the ways of faith. The teachers and staff of the school are here to help you to fulfil that important vocation and responsibility which comes to you from God along with the gift of your child.

It is a great blessing that St. Jude’s school and church both share the same site, and you are most welcome to join the parish as it gathers for Mass on Sunday morning at 9.15am. There is also a celebration of the Mass on Tuesday which is led by the children of the school, and a Mass on Saturday afternoons at 4.00pm.

I have found St. Jude’s to be a wonderfully warm and dedicated community. I’m sure you will find it so too!

Fr John Peyton
Parish Priest

St. Jude's Parish Church

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