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I always enjoy catching up with St jude’s. Even though I can’t visit in person the website makes me feel like I am.

Rating: Excellent

Dawn Thompson

15 Oct 2020

As a former pupil back in the 80’s, Mr Bains was headmaster, Miss Casement, Mrs Powell, Mr Emery, and i have very fond memories of Miss Weston. i loved St Judes, and have many happy memories of my earlier school life. 🙂 and the website is fab.

Rating: Excellent

Faye McCahon

29 Apr 2019

Had to write something visited Birmingham today. The first time in 40 years…. i attended st judes in the 1970s when the head master was mr bains i believe… I had the time of my life here it was a wonderful school it nurtured my artistic talents and i am a practicing artist today… may you continue for many more years to come!

Rating: Excellent

Pamela Drew

07 Jan 2019

What a lovely website! Very informative and a true reflection on this lovely school.

Rating: Excellent

Caroline Navin

26 Sep 2018

Excellent website – fantastic school. The pictures and stories really bring it to life!

Rating: Excellent


26 Sep 2018

Great website, as a former pupil it’s great to see all the things the school is up to and glad to see all the pupils and teachers at St Jude’s are still doing well!

Rating: Excellent


25 Sep 2018

Your website shows your caring and welcoming nature. A real family that is united in faith, love and learning. In this month of November it is lovely to see that each class has a special Saint that they remember and follow.

Rating: Excellent


08 Nov 2016

This website is awesome I can’t stop looking at this and all the interesting pictures that make me remember back when I was small, I love it.

Rating: Excellent

Harvey Mackuin

30 Mar 2016

This website is fantastic! There are lots of photos and information about St Jude’s and everyone who visits this website will see that St Jude’s is the best school ever!

Rating: Excellent

Isabelle Williams

28 Sep 2015

This website is amazing they should really be proud of themselves.

Rating: Excellent

Lisa Chestwood

29 Apr 2015

A huge congratulations to everyone at St. Judes! It’s the best website ever!

Rating: Excellent

Colene Hood

27 Mar 2015

Such a lovely website for both students and parents. Cool design, easy to navigate and informative 🙂

Rating: Excellent

Louise Mackuin

12 Jan 2015

This website has lots of information about the school. You can even see what teacher is in each class!

Rating: Excellent

Joshua Sargant

05 Oct 2014

I really like the new website because there is so much to look at and it shows what a brilliant school St Jude’s is. I also think the new class rooms are great, there is so much more room. It is wonderful!

Rating: Excellent

Jake Poolton

18 Sep 2014

What a great website! Very informative and so easy to navigate. Well done everyone at St Judes.

Rating: Excellent

Mike Popejoy

15 Jul 2014

Fantastic website.

Rating: Excellent

Jake Bramham

27 Jun 2014

What a lovely website! It is very easy to navigate and the colour and photographs reflect the vibrancy of the school. Congratulations to all concerned!

Rating: Excellent

Isobel Fothergill

24 Jun 2014

Fantastic website! Very user-friendly and engaging. Really fresh and modern – one of the best I’ve seen.

Rating: Excellent

Emma Arnott

04 Jun 2014

I have really enjoyed touring your fabulous new website and hope to visit your school soon. Well done everyone on all of your hard work.

Rating: Excellent

Ms Tallon

03 Jun 2014

Excellent website, easy to find what you are looking for and not too overcrowded. Congratulations to all at St. Judes.

Rating: Excellent

Top Class Designs

03 Jun 2014

Wow! Your website is lovely. A true reflection of your wonderful school. Well done everyone.

Rating: Excellent

Monica Carroll

02 Jun 2014

A very impressive website and all who worked on this should be congratulated. It’s very informative and effectively clarifies the distinct ethos of the school.

Rating: Excellent

Bill Thompson

02 Jun 2014