St Jude's Catholic Primary School
St. Jude's Catholic Primary School

Pupil Leaders

School Council

St. Jude’s prides itself on the importance of listening to its pupil’s views. We have a School Council on which two children from each class are representatives.

Each year candidates are elected by their class peers. They are responsible for sharing ideas and informing their class of outcomes and new initiatives in school.

Our School Council have played an active role in achieving the Health for Life Award, where they now have a school garden and a cooking area in place which provides the opportunity for every child to experience these life skills. They have also consulted with the School Cook providing ideas to help improve the dinner menu, and have had significant input in redesigning and choosing new equipment to improve our playgrounds.

Our School Council meet weekly and play an active role in making suggestions for initiatives in school. Led by Mrs Eblett, they discuss and act upon many things including fund raising for school and charities, developments in the local area and improvements that we can make. They are a valued team in our school!

School Council meet with our local MP, Steve McCabe

Play Leaders

Each year, a group of our Year 5 and Year 6 children are trained to become effective Play Leaders. During their training they are taught different games, and how to deliver these to all the children throughout our school.

Our Play Leaders take it in turns to organise and lead various games with children in both Key Stages at break and lunch times. In addition to a focused and successful play time for school, the scheme has improved each Play Leader’s leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Play Leaders

Liturgy Leaders

Our Liturgy Leaders work with the teaching staff to plan and deliver high quality spiritual events in school. This means they carefully consider the themes of Masses and Services to choose the most appropriate readings and music. In addition, they decide on whether drama, dance or choral speaking should be included.

One very important aspect of their work is to act as Altar Servers during school Masses.

Our Headteacher has plans for the group to decide on the themes of our termly class assemblies where we share our knowledge and understanding of our faith with others.

One of our Liturgy Leaders with younger children in our Prayer Garden