At St. Jude's Catholic Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum maths objectives across the whole school. To support these objectives, and develop a Mastery approach to Maths learning, we use White Rose planning, supported by Power Maths resources.

All children enjoy a good deal of practical maths, using apparatus to optimise their understanding. Problem-solving, investigative work and reasoning form a large part of the curriculum and an element of this is included in every lesson.

‘Traditional’ approaches to number work are also used, particularly the teaching of tables. Children are required to commit these to memory as they form the basis of so much work in Maths. They must be able to fluently recite both the multiplication and related division facts of every times table up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.

Alongside multiplication facts, there are a set of agreed non-negotiables for each year group in Maths.

Read more: Maths Vocabulary for Years 1 to 6 (pdf)

Also see our Mathematics Policy on our Policies and Documents page.


At St. Jude's we are use diagnostic tests called PUMA which are used termly. They allows us to assess the children in detail, based on the National Curriculum objectives. From these, we can carefully track progress and identify where individuals and groups have gaps in their learning.

Learning about number is a key area for our pupils.
We believe that practical experiences help our pupils develop concrete understanding.