Learning and Growing

Our weekly Disciple target reminds children to be witnesses of their faith in all they do at school.

'Living and Growing as the People of God' is the curriculum strategy for Religious Education in the diocese of Birmingham.

The RE strategy provides a curriculum that addresses pupils' intellect, hearts and imagination. It covers a systematic study of Catholic faith and life and makes learning about our faith lively, interactive and relevant.

Its content also provides the foundations for a partnership between school, home and parish, a partnership that lies at the centre of Catholic Education.

There are numerous opportunities for cross curricular activities that link with and often stem from RE lessons. We use the internet, we visit places of worship and we invite people to speak about their faith.

At St. Jude's, RE is not simply one subject among many, but the foundation of all that is achieved in school.

See our RE Long Term Plan and Statement of Intent on our Curriculum page for details of how we teach RE across the school.