Special Event - Science Week

24 to 28 June 2019

During Science Week some children from Year 3 went to St Edward’s School. They made a magic medicine and some super shrinking slime. Kacey said, "I enjoyed making the medicine because we tested different liquids to check if they were alkali, acid or neutral".

Some children from Year 4 went to St Bernard’s School to learn about space. They took part in design experiments and explored the planetarium.

"We enjoyed going inside the dome to look at the stars and what the Romans believed about the stars and planets. We worked in groups to design a parachute and we got to test our creations".

Seven children from Year 5 attended a Science workshop at Bishop Challoner and carried out a variety of Scientific experiments.

Lowgon said, "I helped design a car for an egg to travel safely in". Kian said, "I liked the fact that we partnered up with children from different schools."