These lovely pictures of some of our school staff were drawn by our talented pupils:

Mrs Smith
by Maddie

Mr McGarrigle
by Tyrie

Mrs Cape
by Kiera

Mr Brownhill
by Kathryn

Mrs Glennon
by Ruby

Mrs Broomhall
by Remar

Mrs Orton
by Scarlett

Mrs Russell
by Chloe

Miss Tyler
by Summer

Mrs Dupree
by Luke

Miss Austin
by Jordan

Miss Clay
by Myles

Mrs Cox
by Caitlin

Miss Dean
by Kathryn

Mrs Hollingworth
by Ruby

Mrs Joita
by Remar

Mrs Ryder
by Kiera

Miss Ward
by Kathryn

Mrs Eblett
by Keeley

Mrs Powell
by Seamus
Mrs Barnes
by Caitlin

Mrs Keenan
by Luke

Mrs Wheeler
by Chyna
Mrs Boyson
by Summer

Miss Charles
by Remar

Miss Morris
by Maddie

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs B Smith Acting Headteacher
Mr D McGarrigle Acting Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher
Mrs J Cape Nursery Teacher and PPA
Miss S Truman Reception Teacher
Mrs Cleaver Year 1 Teacher
Mr Brownhill Year 2 Teacher
Mrs L Glennon Year 3 Teacher
Miss K Dunn Year 4 Teacher
Mrs L Broomhall Year 5 Teacher
Mr S Powell Inclusion Manager, SENCO
Mrs M Orton Learning Mentor
Mrs C Russell Office Manager
Miss D Tyler Admin Assistant
Mrs M Dupree Building Site Manager
Miss L Austin Teaching Assistant
Miss E Clay Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Cox Teaching Assistant
Miss D Dean Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Hollingworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs EbLett Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Joita Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Ryder Teaching Assistant
Miss L Ward Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Wood PPA Teacher
Mrs L Bussey HLTA
Mrs S Eblett Home Link Worker
Mrs D Powell Cook Supervisor
Mrs C Barnes Kitchen Staff
Mrs L Keenan Kitchen Staff
Mrs G Wheeler Kitchen Staff
Mrs S Boyson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss H Charles Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss A Morris Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Gordon Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Jones Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Timms Lunchtime Supervisor

Our kitchen team.
Our lunchtime supervisors.