Extra Curricular

Breakfast Club

From 7.30am every morning, there is a Breakfast Club in our school hall.

A variety of cereals are available as well as juice, milk and toast. The club is available to all pupils in the school at the cost of £2.50 per day from 7.30am and £1.00 per day from 8.15am and is supervised by two adults.

The children have great fun playing games, chatting and supporting each other with reading and homework.


Fun in Cookery Club.

We are lucky to have a qualified school cook, Mrs Jones, work with us on a voluntary basis cooking with pupils at our school. Each class takes a turn working with Mrs Jones in small groups baking wonderful cakes, scones and other tasty snacks. The children are encouraged to weigh ingredients, follow recipes, learn about healthy eating and work as team in these sessions.

Helen in Year 3 commented that she loved these session because, "Cooking is great fun and Mrs. Jones really helps us to learn new things and work together."

Our Parent Partner, Mrs Eblett, also works with Mrs Jones to promote cooking at home through parent and pupil workshops after school. Our cookery club is always over-subscribed, with lots of our Dads taking part too.


Guitar lessons.

Our Guitar Club runs before school on a Friday morning starting at 8.30am. Dean is an experienced teacher who works in many schools across the city. He teaches two groups at school, one for beginners and one for those who are more experienced.

The cost per term is £26. The group plays at Mass and assembly from time to time.

Bruck in Year 6 said, "I love my guitar lessons because I have learnt something new and I have been given the opportunity to develop music skills."


St Jude's has had a thriving choir for a number of years. Our teacher Mr. Colley works with the choir every Friday morning at 8.30am. The children learn modern and traditional songs and some hymns which they then perform in Mass.

Our exciting news this year is that we entered the 'Choir of the Year 2014' competition. Auditions were held at Warwick Arts Centre in May and although we didn't win, the choir worked hard to perform to a very high standard. We had lots of wonderful comments from the judges: "Well done on your first competitive performance, really very confidently sung" and "I loved the strong sound you gave after the key change and the lovely quiet singing afterwards." - this has spurred us on to do even better!

Our choir in performance.


Hola! Senora Hollingworth.

We are so lucky at St Jude's to have a native Spanish speaking Teaching Assistant, Mrs Hollingworth. Mrs Hollingworth runs our new and exciting Spanish Club after school. Children learn to speak Spanish through fun songs and games.

We are really looking forward to the Fiesta Mrs Hollingworth is planning later in the year.

Gardening Club

Taking part in Gardening Club after school.

We have great fun in the Spring and Summer sowing seed, potting up, digging, planting and harvesting !

Jo our school gardener works with the whole school during the day and also runs our happy club after school.

We love being outdoors helping to improve our school grounds and learning about healthy food and lifestyles.

Vigour Boarding

Vigour Boarding is not just fun - it helps us stay active and build healthy lifestyles.

What's that? Well, it's a cross between skate boarding and roller skating.

Our Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity each week to have fun whilst improving their fitness.

We love to board to fun music improving our skill level whist being safe. Helmets and elbow pads are a must!

Street Dance

Street Dance allows children to be expressive and creative.

Our younger children love to throw some moves on the dance floor. Street dance is fun and healthy.

Every week the children work with an external provider who teaches them new moves and routines which they love to perform to an audience of their peers and parents.