Special Event - World Faith Week

4 to 8 June 2018

During World Faith Week, all pupils had the opportunity to learn about different faiths and religions.

Throughout the week visits took place to immerse the pupils into their learning and to discover first-hand, some of the traditions, beliefs, signs and symbols of other faiths. Each year group focused on a particular faith:

  • Reception explored celebrations around the world;
  • Year 1 explored how Christianity is celebrated in other churches and made a visit to All Saints Church in Kings Heath;
  • Year 2 learnt about Buddhism and visited a Temple in Ladywood;
  • Year 3 enjoyed learning about Sikhism and visited a Gurdwara in Handsworth;
  • Year 4 explored Judaism and visited Singer’s Hill Synagogue in Birmingham City Centre;
  • Year 5 enjoyed learning about Hinduism and visited a Temple in Tividale;
  • Year 6 have learnt about Islam and visited the Islamic Exhibition in Small Heath.

Year 6 at the Islamic Exhibition.
Year 4 at Singers Hill Synagogue.

Year 2 at the Buddhist Pagoda.
Year 5 at the Hindu Temple.