Special Event - Whole School Retreat on Discipleship

2 October 2017

We had a wonderful day with Dan and Emily from One Life Music who came back to help us celebrate Discipleship.

Everyone in school was involved in singing, making, praying and reflecting on how they could be like the Disciples - spreading the Good News.

This spiritual day has helped the whole school community to remember that Jesus asks us to ‘go out’ and care for one another.

The children said:

  • “I liked when I got to read in the Liturgy because I felt special because I was praising God.”
  • “I enjoyed being with the whole school, as a community, this made me feel happy and that I belong.”
  • “After the retreat I went home and showed my mom the cross we made and I explained what we learnt.”
  • “I felt inspired to spread the word of God. I helped my cousin and my nan remember that God is the way and the light and God is always with us.”
  • “I like singing the songs because everyone sang beautifully, it was also positive as well.”
  • “I remember thinking that God always will protect and love us.”