Monday, 27 November 2017

On Wednesday, Year 2 took the short trip to Bourneville to visit the beautiful Selly Manor to learn more about their topic, The Great Fire of London.

During the morning some children were chosen to dress up as the maid, Thomas Farynor, Samuel Pepys , a fireman and the King. The children told the story of the Great Fire of London by acting and through sounds. Then each child got to dress in outfits they would have worn during this time and they also played different games they would have played.

During the afternoon the children were allowed to explore Selly Manor and the wonderful items it boasts inside. They were give an in depth tour and shown the similar things Selly Manor had that would have been present during the Great Fire of London. At the end of the day the children were given some time to draw something they’d seen during day and this enabled the adults to start trying on the amazing costumes Selly Manor has to offer!

A wonderful day was had by all and it really benefitted the children’s learning.





Monday, 20 November 2017


On Wednesday, we had a special visitor in school, Colin Diamond, the Director of Education for all Birmingham schools.

Mr Diamond was here to see the impact of our ‘Staying Safe’ week. During his visit he visited classes and had lunch with the children—he was impressed by all that he saw. Our Chair and Vice Chair of the School Council led the visit—I was so proud of how knowledgeable they were about school and the professional way they conducted the visit. Well done to Jack (Y5) and Jayden (Y6).

During his visit, Mr Diamond judged our Safe Parking Poster Competition. He was delighted with the quality of the posters and the information they contained. Well done to the winners who all received a prize.

KS1                                                    KS2

1st prize Elissa (Y1)                      1st prize Taylor-Leigh (Y5)

2nd prize Summer (Y2)                 2nd Prize Rhea (Y3)

3rd prize Faye (Y1)                       3rd prize Jayden (Y6)



Tuesday, 14 November 2017

November is the month of the Holy Souls. In school, the children have been thinking about all of the saints in heaven; prayers and remembrance have been at the forefront of our learning. The Chaplaincy Team organised a very poignant Mass of Remembrance where we prayed for deceased priests of the parish and deceased members of our own school community.

Our Remembrance Tree is once again in the school entrance so that anyone can write a prayer of remembrance and hang it on the branches. In this way we can all remember our loved ones who have gone before us to share in the glory of heaven.



Y6 visit to Stratford – Friday 10th November 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017

On Friday 10th November, Year 6 visited Stratford-upon-Avon for a familiarisation day in preparation for becoming tour guides. They visited William Shakespeare’s birth place, the house that he lived in as an adult on his return to Stratford from London: New Place and the house that his daughter, Susanna, lived in: Hall Croft. Whilst in these historical places, they learned, amongst other things, about clothing, architecture, food and pastimes in Tudor times. Back at the Shakespeare Centre, Year 6 were taken into one of the vaults to look at some very interesting artefacts that included: a bust of Shakespeare made out of Lego, a Tudor quill holder called a ‘penner’ and even the authentic signature of Queen Elizabeth I. In addition, Year 6 experimented with quill writing and discovered that it was a lot harder than it looks. Next week, Year 6 will be putting their new-found knowledge to the test when they act as tour guides to show Year 4 and Year 5, as well as paying members of the public, around these important Shakespearean buildings.

WELSH NATIONAL OPERA – Friday 3rd November 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Wow! We were so privileged to receive a visit from the Welsh National Opera today. They stunned us all with their voices: altos, sopranos, basses, and with their humour—so much better than the ‘Go Compare’ advert! It was brilliant! Thank you to Mr Brownhill for organising this event.

ST JUDE’S FEAST DAY CELEBRATION – Tuesday 1st November 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

On Tuesday we celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint, Saint Jude. Year 5 organised a beautiful Mass in church which was followed in the afternoon by some fun in school. Mrs Smith organised a great magician to entertain the children. They had great fun and no-one could figure out how he did his tricks!



Mass – Tuesday 17th October

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


May and October are the months when Catholics try to pray more often to Our Lady, Mary the Mother of Jesus. This year, October is very special as the church celebrates the centenary of the apparitions in Fatima, Portugal. A hundred years ago, in 1917, Our Lady appeared to three children in Fatima. Just as Mary asked those three children to say the Rosary, so too are we making special devotions this month. Our mass today was a special votive mass to the Our Lady and it began with a beautiful procession at the beginning to remind us all of the beauty of the Rosary.

Mary Our Mother, pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.


Reception Welcome Meeting – Tuesday 10th October 2017

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The children in Reception were formally welcomed into the Catholic family of St Jude’s at a Welcome Service on Tuesday. A candle was lit for each child, to represent the light of Jesus entering their lives and to light their way as they journey through their St Jude’s school career. Fr Philip was delighted to lead prayers and the Gospel where Jesus said “Let the little children come to me”. The children were supported by their Year 6 Prayer Buddies who have been getting to know them very well. Thank you to the parents who attended this important and special service.

No Pens Wednesday – 9th October 2017

Monday, 9 October 2017

On ‘No Pens Wednesday’ we encouraged the children to put down their pens and to take part in a day of speaking and listening activities. It took place on Wednesday 4th October 2017. The children took part in cooking, debates, acting out Shakespeare plays and playing questioning games. The day was a great success and it helped us to realise how important speaking and listening skills are!



LARGE VEHICLE SAFETY DEMONSTRATION – Wednesday 27th September 2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

All of the children experienced what it was like to stand next to, and be inside, a large articulated lorry this week.

The children were all given a safety talk by DHL drivers on how to remain safe next to lorries. They all had an informative and exciting visit.